Indoor Exhibits

Indoor Exhibits

Picasso Pavillon

July 27, 2019 (Sat.)
 Picasso Pavilion Reopens after Renovation 

Originally opened in 1984, the Picasso Pavilion is exclusively dedicated to introducing the works of Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, one of the most important artists of the 20th century. The pavilion has displayed over 319 of the works in the collection on rotation since it opened. The renovated Picasso Pavilion will feature his pottery, as well as a variety of Picasso work in other media.

Main Gallery

Hakone Open-Air Masterpiece Collection
From October 3 (Thu.), 2019

The Hakone Open-Air Museum opened in 1969 as the first outdoor museum in Japan. Over the years, the museum’s collection has grown to hold over 2,000 works of art. For this latest exhibition, we have selected the best modern and contemporary sculptures from our collection to be displayed in the Main Gallery, which remains as it was on the day the museum first opened. We invite you to take this opportunity to appreciate these pieces in a tranquil atmosphere, quite distinct from their usual outdoor setting.

Multi Hall

Welcome to the Sculpture Studio!

In the creation of a piece of sculpture, various ideas by the artist and production processes may be utilized. Sculptural pieces can be born from certain happenings or things the artist notices in everyday life. To better understand sculpture, in this studio we would like to show how hints or ideas, experiments, production processes, models, and sketches can be transformed into sculptural pieces.

Art Hall

Drop by Art Gallery - Let’s All Try the Sculpture Quiz -
Period: July 14, 2018 (Sat.) – March 2020 (scheduled)

The Hakone Open-Air Museum was established in 1969 as Japan’s first open-air museum, offering people the opportunity to stroll through the gardens enjoying the beautiful harmony of nature and sculpture.The works embody the varied thoughts, ideas and experiences of the artists. Sculptures are created as an expression of creativity and can be described as representing a form a language or communication.This exhibition will feature works from our collection that have been produced using traditional materials, such a stone, wood or metal. In addition, we will introduce the significance of each work through a quiz and illustrations. Please drop by the world of sculpture and discover the artists’ intentions by answering the questions in the quiz.