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Shopping Mall

The official museum shop carries a variety of products, including unique museum merchandise and design goods. There is also an array of accessories made by artists and an art book corner, as well as souvenirs from Hakone. Be sure to stop by.

Original products

  • Museum merchandise is available that has been created from original drawings by the designer, Hanae Mori who serves as director of The Hakone Open-Air Museum.

    Seven types of merchandise, including a ticket case and set of tumblers, were created based on drawings that call up images of The Hakone Open-Air Museum inspired by key themes such as the nature, greenery, and forests of Hakone. Take advantage of this opportunity to make a purchase.

Shopping Mall
Popular products

Everything from Hakone souvenirs to museum merchandise featuring extraordinary designs.

  • The corner featuring souvenirs from Hakone has a variety of products.

  • “The Forest Duet” is a treat of almonds covered in milk coating. The most popular sweet sold at the shopping mall comes in 3 flavors: milk, chocolate, and strawberry.
    The Forest Duet

Products recommended for school children