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Museum Shop

    Museum Shop

    The Museum Shop offers a wide selection of original Hakone Open-Air Museum goods, as well as some 700 different postcards and outstanding museum-curated designs from Japan and around the world.

    Souvenir Shop

    In addition to more than 100 different sweet treats, including popular Hakone confections, the Souvenir Shop also offers a large selection of craft beer, snacks, and other trip souvenirs.

    Original Goods

    Our original designs are inspired by sculptures and other memorable works of art in the museum’s collection, as well as goods designed specifically for the Picasso Pavilion, and are available nowhere else. These originals make great souvenirs for friends or keepsakes from your trip.

    Souvenir Shop

    Visitors will enjoy the wide selection which includes renowned traditional and wooden crafts from Hakone, as well as well-known local confections, sake, and snacks — all to make the time even more enjoyable.

    Artists’ Products

    Our wide array of artists’ products will brighten your days — artist-designed accessories, art books, knickknacks featuring unique designs, and more.


    Browse an array of kid-perfect souvenirs — the ideal way to remember a school or family trip to the museum.

    Product prices and availability are subject to change without notice.