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Takamichi Ito Sixteen Turning Sticks 1969

16 poles, each bent in on itself 4 times, turn in perfect time together. Flashes of light reflect off the polished stainless steel in a steady rhythm as the poles rotate in unison. Though the work is made of a hard, solid substance, it seems to undulate and wiggle. Standing in front of the work, we lose any sense of passing time, as the unique movement seems to enter us. Sculpture has always been associated with strong, stout immovability, but since the beginning of the 20th century, as sculpture itself began to change, the idea of moving sculptures began to appear as well. This work was created in the 1960's a time when Europe was becoming a centre for sculpture that incorporated movement. It was during the 60's that this type of work became its own genre, called kinetic art. Artist Takamichi Ito created this work, and Ito is one of Japan's foremost creators of kinetic art. This work moves through the use of a motorized engine, and takes the invisible flow of time and incorporates it into the light and movement found in the work, opening infinite new dimensions within the world of sculpture.