Kyota Takahashi Glow with Night Garden Project in Hakone Gabriel Loire Symphonic Sculpture Music : Toru Yamanaka / Photo : Mito Murakami

Night at The Hakone Open-Air Museum

November 29, 2019 – January 5, 2020
Open every day

Hours | 16:45 – 18:00
Venue | The Hakone Open-Air Museum
Main Gallery mezzanine, 2F and a part of outdoor exhibition spaces close at 17:00.

Work with the Light Artist, Kyota Takahashi,
to Create the Light-Up Participation Project


The “Night at The Hakone Open-Air Museum” is being held again this year during the period from the run-up to Christmas through to the New Year. Created by Kyota Takahashi, it presents special lighting effects for the open-air exhibition space and outdoor sculptures. This is the third year that the event is held and this year the area covered has been extended as far as the Green Plaza—enveloped in light and with music by Toru Yamanaka, the stained-glass tower of the Symphonic Sculpture is a must-see attraction! In addition, the Picasso Pavilion, which reopened this summer after a major renewal, can be enjoyed until 18:00.

We hope that you will come and enjoy the beauty of the lanterns, which react to the various sculptures or scenery to change color, the combinations of the lanterns being carried by each of the various visitors producing a unique and beautiful night scene.

Glow with Night Garden Project in Hakone
Please come and walk around the sculpture garden with one of the lanterns created by Kyota Takahashi, which employ wireless signals to change color as you approach the various illuminated sculptures or scenery. It allows you to experience the feeling of entering into the light-up event environment.

Photo: Mito Murakami

Photo: Mito Murakami

Photo: Mito Murakami

Photo: Mito Murakami

Gabriel Loire Symphonic Sculpture

Main Gallery

Main Outdoor Exhibition Space

Atsushi Imoto

Round Plaza

Niki de Saint Phalle Miss Black Power

Masayuki Nagare Wind's Impression

Green Plaza



Kyota Takahashi

Born in Kyoto in 1970, currently living in Kyoto. He is an artist who explores the possibilities of light through the skillful manipulation of illumination and imagery. He is active in a wide range of fields, from the Gift for Frozen Village work for the SNOWART project that has been held annually in Echigo-Tsumari since 2011, or the light-up participation project, Hikari no Mi (Fruits of Light), etc., to permanent works, such as the one he created for the Towada Art Center (2008, Aomori) or the Echigo-Tsumari Auditorium / Tokamachi Central Community Center Danjuro (2017, Niigata).

Hikari no Mi 2008, Umekoji Park, Kyoto Photo: Mito Murakami

Fragments of Color Cubes 2008, Towada Art Center, Aomori Photo: Michitaka Kitamura

Gift for Frozen Village 2018 Echigo-Tsumari SNOWART 2018, Niigata Photo: Mito Murakami

HIKARIORI-Weaving the Lights, Echigo-Tsumari Auditorium / Tokamachi Central Community Center Danjuro 2017, Niigata Photo: Mito Murakami

Toru Yamanaka |Composer of the music for the Symphonic Sculpture

Born in Osaka in 1960. Composer, producer and D.J. While in university, he was active in the experimental music field, basing his activities in the Kyoto area, and participated in the founding of the multimedia performance group, dumb type where he was responsible for the music and sound effects. He remains the D.J. and organizer of the legendary drag queen event, “Diamonds Are Forever” and carries out collaborations with people from a wide variety of fields. He rejoined the dumb type group in 2019.