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20th Century Sculpture Collection
Green Gallery
Until September 1

The Hakone Open-Air Museum opened on August 1, 1969 as Japan’s first outdoor museum, with the aim of disseminating and promoting the art of sculpture.

From the time of its founding, the museum has also featured an indoor exhibition area attuned to the ever-changing mountain climate. This has enabled us to amass a collection of sculptures that can be exhibited indoors. Over the course of nearly half a century, and with the support of the Fujisankei Communications Group, we have built up a collection that provides a sweeping view of the history of 20th century sculpture.

In this exhibition we present some of the treasures of our modern sculpture collection, together with new acquisitions. We hope that visitors will take time to appreciate the intimate scale of these artworks and discover the innovative spirit of modernity.

1Alberto GiacomettiFemme Mince sans Bras195860×8×20bronze
2Barbara HepworthFour Figures Waiting196862×48×49bronze
3Willem de KooningCross-legged Figure197261×48×41bronze
4Giorgio de ChiricoEttore e Andromaca194040×23×16bronze
5Julio GonzálezFemme Assise Nº 3circa 1935-3661×24×25bronze
6Yves KleinPortrait Relief (Martial Raysse)- PR21962178×94×33dry blue pigment in synthetic resin on bronze, mounted on primed and gold-leafed board
7Yves KleinBlue Venus - S41196270×28×20dry blue pigment in synthetic resin on plaster
8Yves KleinPortrait Relief (Claude Pascal) - PR31962178×94×33dry blue pigment in synthetic resin on bronze, mounted on primed and gold-leafed board
9Constantin BrancusiThe Kiss190827×25×16plaster
10Amedeo ModiglianiTêtecirca 1911-1272×22×29bronze
11Alexander ArchipenkoStanding Nude II191648×11×9.5bronze
12Max ErnstHead from Reliefs and Sculptures for the House in Sedona194821×14×5bronze
13Jacques LipchitzThe Meeting191381×57×37.5lead
14Umberto BoccioniUnique Forms of Continuity in Space1913116×90×42bronze
15Giacomo BallaBallerina del Bal Tic Tac : Danza Serpentina1920-2251×25×8brass, chrome-plated
16Giacomo BallaBallerina del Bal Tic Tac : Écarté1920-2254.5×39×8brass, chrome-plated
17Giacomo BallaBallerina del Bal Tic Tac : Duo1920-2267×43×8brass, chrome-plated
18Giacomo BallaBallerina del Bal Tic Tac : Pas de Deux1920-2253×49×8brass, chrome-plated
19Giacomo BallaBallerina del Bal Tic Tac : Danse du Feu1920-2252×33×8brass, chrome-plated
20Masamichi YamamotoDream of Ancient Times198027×270×85bronze
21Arnaldo PomodoroAsta Cielare II1978-80262.5×58×50bronze
22Robert CouturierIdylle196593×36×28bronze
23Shinkichi TajiriOverhand Knot No. 2197142×82×65aluminium
24Kyoko AsakuraArisa2005175x47x38bronze
25Fumio AsakuraStretch Out194741.5×20.5×40bronze
26Fumio AsakuraCatch194651×52.5×29.5bronze
27Fumio AsakuraA Snoozy Cat191416.5×55.5×18bronze
28Fumio AsakuraFamily193516×44.5×29bronze
29Fumio AsakuraSleep194513×37.5×35bronze
30Yuzo FujikawaMr. Bose193247×53×25bronze
31Teijiro NakaharaYoung Caucasian191942×19×18bronze
32Morie OgiwaraMiner190746×45×31bronze
33Cyuryo SatoStraw Hat197552×40×34bronze
34Yasutake FunakoshiHara Castle: Head of a Warrior (Work B)196431×32×30bronze
35Seiko SawadaMaiko (Dancing Girl)197450×34×42bronze
36Alexander CalderThe Red Pennants : Hanging Mobile1970101.5×178aluminium, paint

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