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How much time will you need?

  • All exhibitions can be seen in about 60–90 minutes.
  • Tours for specific needs The museum recommends a number of plans designed for those with special needs.

What is the policy on bringing food into the museum?

  • Visitors may bring outside food and drink onto the museum premises, but are asked to eat only in the designated areas listed below.
    Please take your trash with you when you leave. Carry in, carry out.
  • Outdoor exhibition: Round Plaza/benches located in the outdoor exhibition space/designated lawn areas in the Green Plaza

When you need help…

  • Visitors who are injured or feel unwell should visit the first-aid office located on the first floor of the Main Gallery. If necessary, please talk to the closest museum staff member, who will advise you of nearby hospitals or other facilities.
  • Announcements can be broadcast throughout indoor exhibition rooms. Please talk to the closest museum staff member if you need to make a public announcement.