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The Hakone Open-Air Museum was founded in 1969 to serve as an outdoor art museum that would give people the opportunity to encounter great sculpture in a natural setting. The museum’s mission is to promote sculpture as an environmental art and to bring new energy to Japan’s culture of art.

Our wide variety of sculptural masterpieces span the modern to contemporary genres and are displayed to perfection against the picturesque scenery of the Hakone mountains. Visitors are invited to step into a dialogue between nature and art, where they can appreciate the artists’ creative spirit and the strength of nature simultaneously. The true pleasure of an outdoor museum of art is the chance it offers for those both interested in and indifferent to art, for families and friends, to immerse themselves in a leisurely stroll through a world of art and communicate intimately with the pieces.

In collaboration with the Fujisankei Communications Group, we gradually built our collection while giving a variety of art exhibitions, including a number of international open competition exhibitions. In 1981, our sister museum, The Utsukushi-ga-Hara Open-Air Museum, opened in Nagano Prefecture, and in 1984, we opened our Picasso Pavilion. In addition to an array of programs designed to make art more accessible to children—the torchbearers of the future—we also strive to introduce our visitors to contemporary art.

In 2012, the museum became a public interest incorporated foundation. Our mission remains unchanged—consistently astonishing as many people as possible with the delight that comes from experiencing art.
We are thankful to all who understand and support our vision.

October 2014

Chokoku-no-Mori Art Foundation
The Hakone Open-Air Museum
The Utsukushi-ga-Hara Open-Air Museum
Hanae Mori, Museum Director